Uploading & Printing

How can I print a custom size?

If your image is an unusual shape, such as a panoramic image you might not want to choose a standard print size. To maintain the proportions of your image, select the ORIGINAL tab on the size selecti…

Updated 7 months ago

What type of paper/printer do you print with?

We use an Epson SureColor P9560 for the majority of our printing which one of the best wide-format printers available. Our inks are UltraChrome archival pigment inks, so you can ensure there is no co…

Updated 7 months ago

Why is the paper size I want not available?

To maintain a high quality print we have to restrict low resolution files from being printed on large paper sizes.

Updated 7 months ago

What's the minimum file size required to print?

We can only print image files greater than 640px wide. Your printing options will be limited to the file you upload, so the larger the image the more printing options you'll have.

Updated 7 months ago

What kind of image can I upload for printing?

Accepted file formats are JPG, PNG, TIFF. We recommend uploading the largest file size possible for the best quality print. The maximum is file size 100MB or 75 megapixels. We can print files that si…

Updated 7 months ago