Designing a frame

I don't know how to hang a frame, can you help me?

We don't offer a frame hanging service but we give you all the bits and pieces to do it yourself along with some helpful instructions.

Updated 8 months ago

Do you have any other frame styles/colours?

Currently we only offer only what you can see on the website but we'd love to hear your thoughts on other styles you like so please contact us for requests.

Updated 8 months ago

How much will my artwork be overlapped by the frame or mat?

The edge of the frame (or mat) will overlap your artwork by 3-4mm.

Updated 8 months ago

What's the largest size artwork you can frame?

Our maximum artwork size is 100 cm (40") wide or high. This restriction is in place to avoid the risk of damage when delivering your frame to you. Please get in touch if you would like artwork larger…

Updated 8 months ago